Glamorous Restaurant Project by Basile Studio

Founded in 1994, BASILE is a full-service design, build, and fabrication studio based in San Diego, California. As a design-obsessed, experience-driven hospitality firm, we specialize in the creation of innovative, functional, and distinctly relevant structures, environments, and objects.

Their client list ranges from boutique hotels to cutting-edge chefs and renowned restaurant groups, like the popular Born and Raised steakhouse restaurant. This unique space, located in the beautiful city of San Diego, was one of the studio’s most popular projects due to its luxurious 1930s interior design approach.

rt Deco Bar With Kelly Bar Chairs Set

Basile Studio not only is internationally recognized for their unique progressive design, but they design every project in-house at their downtown San Diego studio. The goal for this unique project was to renovate the 1930s-era building into an entirely custom 10,000 square-foot upscale steakhouse.

The entire restaurant project of the popular Born & Raised Steakhouse space is built on a retro color palette, where the shiny woods and golden details take the stand of the look. One of the most stand-out spaces in this beautiful restaurant design is the grand bar area where a unique series of Kelly bar chairs shine in front of a black marble counter.

Luxury Bar with Kelly Bar Chair

Created four years ago by Essential Home’s unique design and craftsmanship team, the Kelly bar chair is the main statement piece of the entire restaurant design bringing a unique personality to the overall look.

Inspired by the sculpted arches from the bar in the classic movie Casablanca, it’s a timeless and unforgettable piece. This popular piece became one of Essential Home’s best-selling products due to its modern lines and mid-century design.

Born & Raised Art Deco Dining Space

As you are stepping into this unique San Diego restaurant you will be entering a unique journey through the glamorous and iconic era of the 1930s. The first-floor dining room is composed of several mid-century design details that will make you feel like you are dining in a stylish restaurant from old Sand Diego.

To reinforce the trendy art deco environment, Basile Studio makes sure to include in the restaurant design a network of curved camel-colored leather booths (one of the greatest symbols of the 1930s interior design style), parquet, and terrazzo flooring, as well as some tambour paneling features.

Intimate Dining Both by Basile Studio

Basile Studio decided to incorporate some interesting wood elements made out of a single walnut tree sourced from Northern California, as well as a book-matched veneer that covers the ceiling joining 8 LED-top-lit added-column “blooms.”

No expense was spared making this wildly polished, upscale steakhouse project that resembles a mid-century, art deco dream lined with black-and-white photos of old-school rap legends, like Eazy-E, as you can see in this trendy and intimate dining corner.

Born & Raised’s Outdoor Deck

As if the interior design project wasn’t enough, the popular restaurant project also features a stunning open-air rooftop bar overlooking San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood.

Everything was carefully thought until the last details, including the staff dress code and small accessories, like the nostalgic tableside carts where the mid-century restaurant waiter whips up starters on the spot or pour a drink to order. Combining the best of style, trends, and delicious cooking, this space is one of the standouts of California’s Michelin Star Guide!

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