According to de Sede, the DS-747 is a small sofa with multifunctional talents (All pictures de Sede)

de Sede launches small sofa DS-747 and side table DS-5250

With DS-747, Swiss de Sede launches a small sofa with multifunctional talents, of which it states that this is about the ‘Essence of Excellence’, that is made for ‘the little big moments’. At the same time, it also brings to market the DS-5250, which it calls a ‘temperamental companion’, in

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The programme of lectures will cover a variety of topics, such as ‘sleep’, the Heimtextil Trends and Interior.Architecture.Hospitality (Image: Messe Frankfurt)

Heimtextil 2022: countdown towards re-start has begun

The plans for the coming Heimtextil are being drawn up against the background of an optimistic perspective for 2022. A promising number of registrations and a positive echo from the sector are encouraging signals for the restart in seven months. The sector is raring to go and yearning for a

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