Dôme Deco creates a tailor-made interior for five-star hotel Le Sanglier Des Ardennes.

Dôme Deco is an interior label specialised in the design and production of complete interior collections for the B2B-market. Because of their experience with multiple Belgian star hotels, top entrepreneur Marc Coucke decided to work with Dôme Deco for his new project, Le Sanglier Des Ardennes in Durbuy (Belgium). The four pillars of Dôme Deco: cosmopolitan, conceptual, contemporary and complementary value come into their own in a very specific manner in this luxury hotel.


Dôme Deco creates interior collections for those who seek value in culture and quality. “During these Covid-times, people travel closer to home but still value the feeling of dreaming and wandering away”, says Stefan Verheyen, CEO of Dôme Deco. Even though Dôme Deco’s signature is the cosmopolitan lifestyle, they chose to let nature in by going for materials like oak wood, natural stone and fur. “The warm elements combined with materials like metal make for a modern concept with a warm touch. A place that refers to nature and the cosy atmosphere of the Ardennes but with a contemporary, luxurious twist.”


Traditional interior design often comes with the challenge to contact multiple different suppliers. Dôme Deco takes away this issue, offering a complete concept to unburden their clients. Dôme Deco designs and produces all products necessary to create a full interior. At Le Sanglier Des Ardennes they created a unique tailor-made concept.

The furniture and accessories in the lobby, rooms and public spaces were all designed specifically and exclusively for Le Sanglier. “We matched the DNA of our brand with the needs of the hotel”, thus Verheyen. “The unicity the value seeker is looking for is not only in the location and concept but also the interior of the hotel. All products we have designed are unique and exclusive creations for Le Sanglier. The hotel got the unique and recognisable identity it deserves.”


One of Dôme Deco’s strengths is creating balance in materials and colours. Next to the usage of natural materials like pure woods, fur and natural stones combined with metal, Dôme Deco used a complementary colour pallet. The natural shades refer to Durbuy en give the interior the softness and warmth people expect from this type of hotel, with wood and the exclusive Emperador marble from Spain as the common thread.

To give the hotel its international look & feel, Dôme Deco choose modern beige and grey tones for the furniture. This combination provides the hotel with a modern though unique and luxurious appearance.

Complementary Value

Dôme Deco created a perfectly balanced interior and took care of the necessary complementary services. “We created a tailor-made interior, fully based on the needs of our client. This is one of our strengths. On the one hand we have very durable connections with our manufacturers. On the other hand, our own team is stronger than ever with a product manager- and designer, art director and interior architect”, says Dôme Deco’s marketing manager Aurelie Rybski.

International recognition

“Because of Le Sanglier Des Ardennes, we got a lot of international recognition”, concludes CEO Verheyen. “It was amazing to work on one of the most prestigious hotels in Belgium. Recognition is one thing, but also the client was very pleased with the end-result. We are looking forward to taking our international partners with us to the hotel. Since the launch of this project, we have been contacted by potential partners with the idea of creating a similar concept in the Austrian ski areas.”

Info – www.domedeco.com