Vispring unveils new Limited-Edition Lana bed

Super King size Lana mattress with Lana divan and headboard in Plush-Duck Egg fabric (Image: Vispring)

Luxury British bed brand Vispring has unveiled the new Limited-Edition Lana bed comprising a mattress, divan, headboard, and legs. Crafted by hand in the United Kingdom, the Lana mattress is filled with a sumptuous blend of locally sourced Exmoor Horn wool, cotton and TENCEL™ – a sustainable fibre, produced from tree pulp.

Exmoor Horn wool

Exmoor Horn wool comes from the Exmoor Horn sheep, one of Britain’s oldest native sheep breeds that graze the upland areas of Devon and West Somerset, close to where Vispring beds are made. A diet of rough heather moorland means it produces a soft, springy fleece, perfect for creating Vispring’s signature cloud-like comfort. The Lana mattress also features hand-nested calico pocket springs and is available in four tensions: soft, medium, firm and extra-firm.

An exclusive Lana shallow divan, with a solid timber frame upholstered in blended British fleece wool and cotton works in harmony with the Lana mattress, offering support to allow the most comfortable sleep possible. The brass legs, exclusive to Lana, give the bed an elegant finish, whilst the striking headboard is suited for both contemporary or more traditional bedroom settings.

About Vispring

Founded in 1901, Vispring is the ultimate destination for bespoke, luxury beds and mattresses. Valuing excellence and craftsmanship, it brings together the finest in British design and materials to create the ultimate sleep experience. Always a pioneering brand, Vispring’s founder was the first to introduce individually pocketed springs to mattresses. Today it remains at the forefront of luxury as its bespoke beds combine technical expertise with the finest natural ingredients.

Vispring is committed to its responsibility to the environment, because of this, every natural material is sourced sustainably.

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