Second edition ARCHITECT@WORKBrussels (29-30 May) is all set to take place

On Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 May, the second edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Brussels will take place in sheds 1 and 2 at Tour & Taxis. That second edition is now all set. An overview of what you can expect as and why you should schedule a visit.

The main role, as always, will be played by the exhibitors, who this year too will present a lot of innovative products and materials. They are exhibiting at an event that runs under the theme ‘Super Skin’, which not only covers the outer skin of buildings, but also highlights how numerous finishes inside can have a Super Skin. This is about using high-quality, innovative and sustainable materials, systems and processes that meet the highest standards architects and designers can demand.

Fringe events

The uniqueness of ARCHITECT@WORKis expressed, among other things, by its numerous fringe events and seminars. A glance at the website will show that Brussels has plenty on offer for both!

Among the fringe events, we note that both established and totally new names are popping up. Well-known, recurring appointments include MaterialDistrict’s materials exhibition, the curated project exhibition by and the stunning architecture photography by Dutch photography collective DAPh. MaterialDistrict is showing ‘Super Skins’, an exhibition specially curated for ARCHITECT@WORK, under EXHIBIT. In it, you will see a wide range of over 120 high-quality, innovative and sustainable material samples. PROJECT WALL selected by is present for the fifth time and highlights 40 works by platform members from all over the world, with special emphasis on lightweight construction and the principles of simplicity in building. Under IMAGES by DAPh, you will once again be introduced to an exhibit where the right stage is set for architects and building projects alike. DAPh translates their vision and stories into images.

This time, the dedicated artist spot is reserved for Ghent sculptor Conrad Willems. Conrad’s sculptures are characterised by geometry, repetition and modularity, resulting in a highly recognisable visual language. New for Brussels is the INSTALLATION by FEBELCEM / FEBELARCH, previously shown in Kortrijk. Here you can learn more about how architects, together with some concrete experts, went in search of innovative applications with precast concrete. A totally new initiative is the ‘Architectural Charity Quiz: Masterminds of architecture’, a quiz to be played both physically and online for two good architectural causes. The time of your appointment: Wednesday 29 May, from 12h30 to 13h30.


A visit over two days becomes even more rewarding when you take a look at the seminar programme. Three seminars will take place on Wednesday and Thursday each, covering nothing but interesting topics.

The panel discussion ‘Nature skin: nature as resilient, regenerative skin’, with participants Eva Heuts (VIBE), Koen Van Delsen (Murmuur Architecten), Bart Bleys (Buildwise) and moderator Florian Holsbeek will kick off Wednesday at 13h30 (until 14h30). At 15h30 (until 16h30), Camille Mommers of Natura Mater unpacks with the seminar (given in French) ‘Quels critères pour choisir des matériaux plus durables’ (What criteria are there to choose more sustainable materials). The first day will conclude at 17h30 (until 18h30) by Marc Martinez Marti (Architect Head of Computational Design at Brussels-based ncbham) with ‘Design meets Digital – Past, future and beyond’. Martinez Marti previously gave this lecture during Architect@Work in Kortrijk, but those who were not there, now have another chance to learn more about how computational design is being applied to (interior) architecture today.

Anyone who thought that all the fireworks will already be set off on the first day is sorely mistaken. The seminar programme of the second day starts promising right away at 13:30 with ‘Retrofit: the social, ecological and economic benefits’, an initiative of the Order of Architects – Flemish Council. This panel discussion will discuss the energetic improvements of existing buildings and structures by updating them with contemporary systems and technologies. At 15h30, it is time for a seminar (given in English) with one of the leading young wolves in the field of using AI in architecture: Tim Fu. The Chinese-born Canadian founder of London-based Studio Tim Fu Ltd will present the lecture ‘AI in Architecture: Practical Applications and Future Directions’. The closing slot at 17h30 is reserved for the seminar (presented in English) ‘Search for Identity through Architectural Innovation’. Michiel Riedijk, architect and founder of Neutelings Riedijk Architects, will then explore the transformative power of architectural design.

Pre-registration required

We remind you that anyone wishing to attend ARCHITECT@WORK Brussels must pre-register. This can be done online via this link. The event can be attended free of charge, provided you register via the code mentioned on an invitation that has already been sent. Those who did not receive an invitation are requested to send an e-mail to [email protected], indicating the professional activity.

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