Maison&Objet presents the inspirational theme for January 2023 edition: ‘Take care!’

Linen sofa, BOHO collection, by Maison de Vacances (Image: Maison & Objet)

From January 19 to 23, 2023, Maison&Objet Paris is set to shine a light on “TAKE CARE!” This highly meaningful forward-focused value is set to sweep across the entire trade fair, with representation rippling out to the talks and the trend sections.

The major social, economic and political upheaval we are all currently experiencing incites everyone to stand up for their convictions. It is also encouraging brands to be more transparent, inclusive, and responsible when reaching out to consumers, who are more invested than ever in how they engage with brands. Now is a time for straight talking, taking action, and being open-minded, even if that means beating a drum to drive forward change. The designs on display at Maison&Objet will look to challenge the modern-day aesthetics of what is ‘beautiful’ and provide a springboard for what is good.

Taking care is something that has become a veritable necessity at a time when we are all actively seeking meaning and tranquillity. The January edition of Maison&Objet Paris is set to breathe life into something now deemed an absolute must.

“When deciding on our themes, taking a close look at modern-day society always serves as our starting point. Today, cultural, environmental, and identity issues hit us the second we step outside. Society is craving new models, which brands can deliver, providing solutions that target the environment, safeguard expertise, or encourage us all to care for others or focus on our own well-being,” states Vincent Grégoire, Creative Director at the Nelly Rodi design consultancy. 

“We are interested in the rising voices that are picking up that gauntlet. The under-25s that makeup Generation Z are impatiently waiting for something to be done. Today, a new set of ethics are dictating the type of consumer activity we are seeing.”

The four cornerstones of CARE

Taking care of yourself

Brands and designers are now looking beyond simple aesthetics to create increasingly meaningful creations that invite us to take care not only of our bodies, as is the case with Waterrower’s wood and metal sports equipment, but also our mental health. “There is a huge trend for solutions dedicated to wellness and physical health, which suffered so much during the pandemic,” explains Vincent Grégoire.

Taking care of nature

For several years, the trade fair has been awash with up-and-coming socially minded brands, who are proactively embodying a “brand-new ethic that is finding a foothold amongst consumers, echoing the slow living trend,” Grégoire continues. These include La Fabrique à Sachets, which inspires us to give nature a helping hand by sowing our seeds, or Dopper, which is highly committed to fighting the good fight against single-use plastic bottles with its own attractive, ingenious, and sturdy vessels.

Taking care of and showing an interest in others

“A huge number of brands are now committed to reforging links between generations, social classes, and cultures, and as such are looking beyond simple aesthetics,” Grégoire points out.

The January edition will place seven Spanish ‘Rising Talents’ firmly in the spotlight, all hand-picked from the country’s vast pool of up-and-coming talent by some of its more well-established design names. These talents represent a socially minded generation, with their creations echoing the widespread desire to care for the world around us. Those self-same values are shared by the three design talents invited to be part of the new ‘Future on Stage’ program, which allows recently launched brands to showcase their convictions.

Taking care of our heritage and expertise

“The world boasts an abundance of expertise that we all turned our backs on for many years. Today, however, brands are increasingly placing the accent on all things local”, says Vincent Grégoire.

Build bridges between the world’s different cultures, facilitate new ways of creating and enjoying interiors and design, perpetuate exceptional artisan trades and propel them into the future, shining a light on new and meaningful initiatives that drive forward innovation – that is precisely what the January edition of the Maison&Objet Paris trade fair promises to do from 19th to 23rd January 2023.