Design Museum Ghent wins prestigious Global Fine Art Award with Kleureyck exhibition

On Tuesday 18 May, Design Museum Ghent won one of the prestigious Global Fine Art Awards in Paris. The exhibition Kleureyck won the award in the category “Best Design”.

Kleureyck. Van Eyck’s colours in design ran until March 2021 in Design Museum Ghent and attracted 46,499 visitors. With 100 design pieces, the exhibition showed what colour means to contemporary designers and how innovative the diverse use of colour can be. Eleven designers were each given a room to work on the theme of colour and the senses.

The international exhibition with more than 100 loans, pieces from the museum’s collection, several commissions for new work to a host of leading talents and various collaborations with worldwide cultural partners and institutions, was able to count on a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. Despite the pandemic, Kleureyck became one of the most important exhibitions of the theme year OMG! Van Eyck was here.

Coproduction in Lille (France)

For those who have not yet seen Kleureyck, there is good news. The exhibition is a co-production with lille3000 and opens today in the Tripostal in Lille (FR). The expo there is called Colors, etc and has 15 more immersive installations than in Ghent.

This larger version just across the border can be seen until November 14, 2021. It is best to book tickets in advance via the website

Curators : Siegrid Demyttenaere and Sofie Lachaert (Pigment Walk)