Decostyle, professional magazine for interior concepts

Decostyle magazine fully focuses on the interior and (its) design. We offer interviews with interior designers or architects, interpretations of current themes in the worlds of interior design and product design, reviews of (hotel)projects and/or residential interior applications,… They are mere examples of articles that can be found in Decostyle.

Each edition of Decostyle has a similar pattern. We open with an extensive interview with an interior designer or architect, who can literally come from all corners of the world. Another recurring item is our round table, in which we bring together a number of specialists in a particular field.  New is that in addition we specifically focus on pioneering interior applications in projects. These projects can originate from both the residential and commercial world and can even be combined with one another in the same issue.

Furthermore, Decostyle pays attention to young and emerging talents, we extensively highlight the various (international) fairs that might interest professionals, analyse trends, etcetera… 

The magazine concludes with the section Deco Info, where you can read brief news items from the interior and design world, along with a fairs calendar offering you an overview of the most important venues, both nationally and internationally, that cannot be ignored by interior professionals.