de Sede launches small sofa DS-747 and side table DS-5250

According to de Sede, the DS-747 is a small sofa with multifunctional talents (All pictures de Sede)

With DS-747, Swiss de Sede launches a small sofa with multifunctional talents, of which it states that this is about the ‘Essence of Excellence’, that is made for ‘the little big moments’. At the same time, it also brings to market the DS-5250, which it calls a ‘temperamental companion’, in which opposites attract in a rhythmic design.

The DS-747 reflects how there was, once upon a time, a master saddler whose mind was set on taking bulky, thick leather and using his perfect craftsmanship to make it comfortable and cozy. For generations, the legacy of what Ernst Lüthy created when he established de Sede in the 1960s has been reflected in DS-747: form follows function. Be it sitting, sleeping, dining or relaxing – thanks to its essence of excellence, this all-rounder offers optimum functionality: with a few easy flicks of the wrist, the armrests can be tilted independently of each other and the soft seating surfaces enlarged. The exposed back lends DS-747 its lightness as a small sculpture with a high function – a sofa created to sit not on but in.

Dynamic seating in a tiny space

DS-747 is perfectly suited for small spaces or city apartments. If visitors spontaneously decide to stay longer, this elegant yet compact sofa offers an outstanding place to sleep – the armrests can be folded down with a few very easy flicks of the wrist. A sophisticated mechanism can be used to enlarge the seating surface, while the deliberately exposed back offers a glimpse into the functions of DS-747.


In the side table DS-5250, designer Rafael Parga stylishly combines the captivating contrasts of his Iberian homeland. The message of richly contrasting proportions, of the interplay of two different characters such as leather and metal, are elementary in the appearance of the item of furniture that is DS-5250. Here, two polarizing elements, such as powerful metal and warm leather, meet, attract one another and maintain the balance of these two utterly different elements. The materials conduct themselves as if they were different dance steps. They stand alone, but it is only in combination that they strive to become what DS-5250 is: temperamental, striking and solid in appearance, with passion of craftsmanship at their core.

A balance rich in contrasts

The metal used in the DS-5250 side table may seem heavy and rigid at first; with the contrast of the soft leather cover, however, this impression is relaxed and gains in aspirations of lightness. The folded metal sheeting creates the stability that the leather needs to embody a timeless side table as a symbiosis of metal and leather.