DOMOTEX 2020 - THE WORLD OF FLOORING Tour 2 bei Jürgen Dahlmanns, RUG STAR, Halle 3, Stand F23

What about the fairs?

Summer is here, but the holidays look no way near the same as other years. Thanks to our ‘friend’ COVID-19, there is not one country with the same restrictions as another. However, there are a number of red threads. One of these are the fairs. Unfortunately, almost nowhere, organizers of

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Tal van exposanten meldden bijzonder goede gesprekken

Shopping here or shopping there?

A new decennium has arrived, but seldom it was more difficult to predict in which direction we are heading the coming ten years. There are challengesgalore, in the interior as well. What is clear, is how different elements will have to be reconciled with one another. To get straight to

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