Brussels Furniture Fair launches new campaign image – The future is Furnature!

The new Brussels Furniture Fair campaign image underlines the connection between three elements: future, nature and, of course, the core of its business, furniture!

In recent years, the Brussels Furniture Fair has often used elements from nature to color its furniture gala. A conscious choice, with which the Furniture Fair wants to continue to emphasize the link between nature and furniture. Form, colour, materials… Nature remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many furniture makers. In addition, as a sector, we also increasingly feel the economic impact of nature on the furniture trade. Not only because of the ever-increasing need to think ecologically, but also, for example, in terms of raw material prices.

Topic ecology

Nature and furniture are not trends, but rather have an evolutionary character. That is why the choice was made to explicitly link both topics to the future. In this way, the topic ‘ecology’ will also play a significant role throughout the new campaign. Because the world is still looking for efficiency in this area, the Furniture Fair mainly wants to act as a platform for sharing know-how and informing about recent developments and interesting partnerships.

The new campaign image symbolizes what the visitor can expect at the Brussels Furniture Fair 2023: a casual visit, where beauty, elegance and discoveries take center stage.

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