Brussels Furniture Fair: focus on Brussels By Night and Square

From 6 till 9 November, in hall 6, The Brussels Furniture Fair welcomes a lot of new exhibitors, several of whom coming from the Netherlands. In addition, the Square area at the bar of hall 3 also demands our attention, especially because you will discover so many new and original products here.

Bedding revived

First of all, we head for Brussels by Night, which, with its fine range of products from the sleeping comfort sector, wants to be a platform for every player in the furniture industry. This section had literally been dozing off a bit in recent years, but three years ago it was decided to set its sights firmly on this segment. The result is there, with no fewer than 12 new names, compared to the previous edition, all within an offering that meets the demand of visitors.

“This year, we are taking a nice step forward with our bedding hall,” says marketing and communications manager Thomas Hibert. “Exhibitors such as M-Line, Van Os, Kreamat, Colmol, Bijnen, Ultima, Velfont and so on will complete the existing list of regulars in 2022. Then I am thinking of names such as Revor, Polypreen, Recor Bedding, Van Landschoot, Mahoton, Carlina and many others.”

“The aim, of course, is to continue this trend in the future. After a successful campaign to attract Dutch manufacturers, we hope to convince manufacturers from other regions to present their products in Brussels in the near future as well, and thus to be representative of the entire European bedding market again for the sleep segment as well.”

Remember also that Brussels Furniture Fair does not only offer a stage in hall 6 to its other exhibitors from the sleep segment, who do not exhibit in this bedding hall. During a short walk through the woods at ‘The Woods’ stand, visitors will find out perfectly which bedding manufacturers they can find in the other halls.

Square – Design Street – Bubble up your store

On to the Square area at the bar of Hall 3, where there is a huge amount to discover. It ranges from exhibitors with affordable design to creations from various art academies. Here you will always find something innovative, original or unknown. This year too, Square will be the base for those looking for novelties. At Design Street, for example, some designers who are ready to show themselves to the entire furniture industry from home and abroad will be put in the spotlight.

Completely new to Square is the concept of ‘Bubble up your Store’, or, in as many words, ‘The Furniture Store of Tomorrow’.

Thomas Hibert: “As fair organisers, we know how important it is to make the best possible use of a space. This is no different for most of our visitors, who usually have considerable retail space. The exhibitors in ‘Bubble up your Store’ advise you on the various physical and online possibilities. Fragrance marketing, signage, audio marketing, maintenance products, LED boarding, software and virtual reality… Visit the stands or get inspired by the advertising posters on our billboard column.”