Decostyle presents a new website & a new way of communicating

It has been a little quiet over the past few months, but that is about to change. As you can already see from the form of this mailing, we will be doing things differently in the future. This different way of working can also be seen in our totally revamped website.

Standing still is always going backwards and that is why we are taking the flight to the front during this pandemic. During this flight to the front you will notice the biggest intervention was done on the website. Not only will it be refreshed in terms of form, but we will also adjust its content. The most important thing is that we strive to bring as much sector news as possible. The previous website made that difficult, which is no longer the case with the new way of working. A big thank you goes to colleague-publisher Gregori Skatchkoff, who developed a brand new system for magazine publishers.

Magazine appears half May

Does this mean that the magazine will disappear? We can reassure you on that point: Decostyle will continue to exist in its current form and with the existing frequency. We are currently finishing the new issue, which will appear half May.